Our Robots

2021 - "Bessie"

It all started with a kit from MATE, some great tools at our school.  And what better name for a sea "cow" than Bessie!

The season ended with the Engineering Award!

2022 - "Taurus"

"Tau" is actually a number that represents 2 Pi.  So, since this was our second time around the block, we felt it was an appropriate name.

We had some strong goals: hopefully qualify for the World Championship, and we did it after capturing third overall at our event!!

Sadly, we could not afford to go, and most likely would have been very competitive if we had.  Oh well, maybe next year.

2023 - "The LegenDairy Cow"

We started the season with some pretty lofty goals: hopefully win our regional event, and be a strong competitor for the World Championship!  It's been a great off-season of community demonstrations, learning new technologies, and building a larger and more talented team.

We were able to claim first at regions and attend the World Championship in Longmont, Colorado. We met a lot of great teams and learned a few ways to improve as well. Overall, it was a great experience with us placing 9th-in the WORLD!

2024 - Coming soon, a very different look

After watching some of the best teams in the world, we're going to do a major redesign.  Don't worry, our "big claw" will still have a place!  Watch out for "MooShoo"!