About Us

A Quick History

Founded in January, 2021, Sea Cow Robotics is an all-girls, award winning underwater robotics company. Our mission is to not only collaborate to make an efficient underwater ROV but to give young women a safe place to explore and push their STEM passions. 

The MATE ROV Competition offers a challenge to create a ROV that will complete numerous underwater missions simulating real challenges being tackled during the UN Decade of Ocean Science and Sustainability such as deploying a profiling float that wirelessly sends data to a topside computer, administering Rx to diseased corals, and more.

Our team utilizes CAD software, 3D printers, laser cutter, and CNC router to design and create copies of the missions and our robust underwater vehicle. Our ROV is then tested in a local swimming training center under various depth, current, and light conditions. We also program devices to send and receive information, as well as actuate devices that are components on the ROV.

We are based out of Lanier High School, a Gwinnett County (Georgia) Public School, and belongs to the Lanier Center for Design and Technology STEM Academy.

In addition to competing in MATE, some of the girls competed in the 2023 science fair with their underwater robotics focus, and won the "Engineering" category of the Georgia Science and Engineering Fair and participated in the 2023 Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Dallas, Texas.

Our next goal: win the World Championship!